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Brentford FC Director of Football Phil Giles’ appearance on the Training Ground Guru podcast was written for the channel’s website. Training Ground Guru is a website that produces articles about the teams behind professional soccer teams. They also produce podcasts about once a month and Phil was a guest earlier this year

Phil spoke for approximately 40 minutes on a range of topics. He spoke about his personal journey and how he came to work for Brentford. There were also questions about Brentford as a Premier League side.

Phil explained how Brentford progressed to the top flight despite having limited resources in the Sky Bet Championship. The subject of innovation was discussed several times. One of the key topics concerned the Brentford B team, which was formed in 2016.

“The goal when we made that decision was to get a promotion,” Phil said. “We can talk about developing players and bringing young players through, but at the end of the day we wanted to be promoted. So we decided to focus everything on this objective.

“From that perspective, you could say it’s been a success. If it’s about developing young people and getting young players playing, I don’t think you can see a better example of that than Brentford at the over the last few years. We’ve really focused on that. .

“We took players who, yes, they were young, but who were much closer to the first team than we were going to get through the Academy system and were ready to make an impact and try to to be promoted as quickly as possible. This feels to me like a good thing. A good opportunity for us first to look at these markets, but also for these players.

“When we got promoted last year, Mads Bech played something like 25 games, came through our B team. Marcus Forss, although not a regular starter, scored a lot of goals, scored the winning goal against Bournemouth in the play-off semi-final He was a player who had been released.

“We saw these opportunities of players who were going to be released but continue and we thought we could get them back. Marcus Forss, he was released and we gave him the opportunity to come and play with us. Fin Stevens, he was on the bench for us last season, a young player who came from Worthing, we gave him that path.”

Both the podcast and the written piece are available to fans. Listen to the podcast here. Read the editorial here.


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