Work-Life Sounding Board launches podcast


The Work-Life Sounding Board at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, hopes to reach employees across campus with its new podcast. The sounding board aims to connect, engage and help staff balance the demands of work and life. It is sponsored by Human Resources and facilitated by Thomas Cruise, Coordinator of the Veterans Success Center, and Lori Smith, Deputy Director of Student Disability Services.

The Soundbox released its second podcast episode on May 19 before the June 1 return-to-campus deadline for staff. Cruise and Smith invited Mary Lucal, Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, for a conversation about the transition from telecommuting to the office and the different ways employees can experience that transition.

The first podcast, released in March, featured Danielle Bohn, Be Well employee well-being coordinator. Bohn explained how work-life balance can change over time, how to recognize when your work-life balance is not in failure, and the eight dimensions, or components, that make up well-being.

Cruise and Smith plan to host at least two to three podcast episodes each semester, with the next likely to be released early in the fall semester. Employees can send ideas for future podcasts to Cruise and Smith at [email protected] and [email protected].

Employees are encouraged to listen to the podcast at their convenience. Both episodes are available online.

Listen to Episode 1 of the Work-Life Soundbox podcast

Listen to Episode 2 of the Work-Life Soundbox podcast


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