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Last week I had the ninth episode of my podcast “Work Hard, Play Harder” with Jennifer Flowers, athletic director of Southwest Minnesota State University. This week I’m dropping episode ten with Wabasso softball coach Tiffany Eichten.

The podcast is called “Work Hard, Play Harder” because that’s how I like to live my life. It’s about discovering your why and getting to know yourself beyond the occupation. The podcast is informative about what you do, but also asks fun questions. Connecting and being relatable is also an important aspect of my podcast.

In this podcast episode, Eichten will talk about herself why she wanted to get involved in sports, the importance of sports in her life, and coming from an entire family who coached or played sports. Eichten is also a cosmologist and does so in addition to training his team throughout the year. She recalled a few memories and was very candid/open about her experiences learning to dedicate her time and rely on her faith as well. She praised the town of Wabasso and explained why her mental health and social/work life balance have been very good to deal with.

“First of all, we have a lot of help,” said Eichten. “We (her husband Christopher Eichten also) have a lot of family and I wanted to stay close to the family. We have lots of immediate family, friends, neighbors and I can’t say enough good things about the town of Wabasso and how helpful they are. Without my family and the help of others, I wouldn’t be able to coach. The support here in this city has always been amazing.

Eichten is originally from Clements, but has been in the town of Wabasso for many years and has coached softball for several years. She is a former SMSU, a former softball player and took advantage of her busy day to join my podcast. Eichten spoke about challenges in her life and being more disciplined in her schedule.

“I had a hard time saying no” said Eichten. “I carried myself very thin and tried to be in several places all the time, especially in the evening. I realized that I had to retire because of my family and spend more time at home at night with my children. So I’ve been better now and more disciplined working only one night instead of every night.

Eichten went on to say that his team has gained valuable experience over the past year and wants his daughters to get involved in as many sports as possible and also get involved in school activities. She wants her team to come back and pick up where they left off last season as they only had one senior in the squad and a full squad of 18 girls.

This episode will show Eichten’s personality and Wabasso’s passion for family, softball and the town. It will also show how many hats Eichten wears as a wife, mother of four, daughter, coach and mentor, relying on a positive attitude/faith to get her through her days continuing to do what she loves. .

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