Who brings in the most money?

It’s been almost a decade before Angenos went to vote in the next municipal elections, but at least one thing is that the competition is going well. Since money is the lifeblood of any campaign, there is a fierce battle for fundraising.

The latest funding and spending figures recording activity in the first half of 2021 were recently published on the city’s ethics committee website. Los Angeles Dig for transport Candidates for mayors, city lawyers and controllers. Today, the focus is on those who are about to run in the eight municipal elections.

It should be noted that financial rewards, however significant, do not guarantee victory. The upset victory when Nisia Raman spent a lot of money on incumbent David Ryu in District 4 last year gives hope to many first-time candidates, especially progressive voters in court.

Here are six things you need to know about the contestants, total amounts, and the June 2022 primary.

District 5 fabric

Dozens of people have submitted documents to raise funds for the functioning of the council (many of whom are ultimately not eligible to vote). Nobody withdraws more money Ward 5 Optimistic Sam YebriFor the most recent reference period of $ 197,000, the total is $ 520,000. In fact, Yebri, a lawyer who wants to be the first Iranian-American to be elected to the city of Los Angeles, has an advantage of $ 161,000 over the second highest total.

Unlike citywide positions where people can donate up to $ 1,500, the maximum donation to council candidates is $ 800, making it even more difficult to reach financial heights. Yebri’s disclosure form shows a series of donations, including recent donations from people such as media director Heim Savan and director Jason Reitman. Yebri has an astounding $ 433,000 in cash as of June 30th.

There is no cake in District 5

Yebri may be a point guard, but the second most prolific council candidate is also aiming for success from District 5 representative Paul Collets. Katy Young YaroslavskiSheila Kühl, acting on behalf of County Supervisor Sheila Kühl, withdrew $ 186,000 in the first half of 2021 for a total of $ 359,000. His cash on hand stands at $ 324,000, and his disclosure form shows donations from architects, doctors, executives, lawyers, environmental leaders, writers and more. She is able to accompany Yebri on her guard.

Yet the competition for seats is even fiercer! LA Native and UCLA Law School instructors Jimmy vibraHoping to give Westside politics a progressive advantage, he has raised $ 113,000 in the past six months (including a $ 37,000 personal loan to his campaign). Experts in public policy and president of the neighborhood council Scott epstein Notched $ 39,000. Molly baslerPromoting the environmental agenda raised $ 32,000. This trio is chasing two leaders, but it will take months to come and a lot can happen.

Fight for 15

The candidates for the Council, including the incumbents, did not raise any more funds in the first semester of this year. Tim makoscarWho’s looking Ward 15 Seats currently held by Joe Buscaino. McOsker is a longtime politician and his resume includes Mayor Jim Hahn’s chief of staff and the police union lobbyist. Perhaps more striking than the $ 316,000 involved by the people of San Pedro was the collection of all the donations in less than three months. The campaign began in mid-March after Buskaino announced he would drop his candidacy. Mayor.

McOsker’s donation list includes hundreds of donations up to $ 800, with dozens of donations from attorneys, executives and real estate agents.

Some fish for a chance to represent the southern tip of LA, but no one comes close to the six. The best aggregate belongs to Danel Sandval, former president of the neighborhood council. She raised $ 45,000, including a campaign loan of $ 37,000.

9th navigation

District 9 officers Karen Price Raised $ 83,000 at the end of 2020, new candidate Dulse Basquez Many were shocked when her $ 53,000 brought her close enough to the incumbent. Price appears to have received a message that racing is no gimmick and hit the fundraising circuit earlier this year, taking home $ 183,000. A second-term city councilor and veteran of the state legislature is currently raising a total of $ 267,000, and his campaign looks set. With the full support of the real estate industry, he receives up to hundreds of millions of donations.

Price’s $ 234,000 cash balance is less than $ 90,000 in Basquez’s account, but the $ 85,000 raised earlier this year shows she’s firmly in the game. Aggregate by current funding period (until the end of the year). Like many candidates for a new position, her maximum donation is relatively low, and depending on how she turns, she may spend less than the price or go back to those people to increase donations as Election Day approaches. Means that there is.

Watch this race. It should be one of the most attractive ballots.

Battle of Echo Park, Part II

Councilor for District 13 Mitch offerel Divided Angelenos when there was a huge tent camp on Echo Park Lake Closed in spring.. Some praised him, but others predicted that the approach of the elections would be the beginning of his death. So far, the offers seem bulletproof, at least financially. He raised $ 177,000 in the first half of this year, for a total of $ 287,000. Cascade of real estate players has donated during the recent reporting period, and it has also clinched the fascinating entertainment industry triple with a $ 800 donation from Warner Bros. Entertainment, Sony Pictures and Disney Worldwide Services Inc. rice paddy.

No one else running for a seat has more than $ 17,000. Again, things could change in the coming months, but now the second term holders seem comfortable.

4 rolls

People love to complain about politicians, but four incumbents –Gil Sedillo, Bob blumenfield, Monique Rodriguez, When Mike BoninRepresenting Districts 1, 3, 7 and 11, respectively, are currently under little threat, at least from a financial point of view. Each has raised at least $ 86,000, and Blumenfield is the only one who currently has something similar to the Challenger. His $ 113,000 is more than five times that of an educator. Yasmine Pomeroy.. She’s way behind at $ 22,000, but she’s courting the progressive mob that led Raman to victory last year.

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