White House fired gay employee of Melania Trump for ‘Grindr animated account’

In her revealing new memoir, former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham spilled tea on a former White House employee for Melania Trump, who was reportedly fired for her “very active Grindr account.”

In I will answer your questions now: what I saw in the Trump White House, Grisham claims the staff member was fired after his Grindr account was discovered during a routine security clearance undertaken in 2018.

Grisham goes on to blame former White House chief of staff John Kelly, who “oversaw some activities that were downright shitty.”

Describing Kelly as a “control freak,” Grisham says it was certainly possible that it was his decision to fire the staff member given that he “was the type of guy who liked top-down control.”

Staff member worked for Trump for more than three years

Melania Trump’s chief of staff Lindsay Reynolds told Grisham the staff member had been fired, despite having worked for former President Donald Trump for “more than three years.”

According to the briefs, the staff member “was taken out of the White House by a woman from human resources, followed by an armed secret service agent, and did not hesitate to think about it.”

“If she [Melania Trump] had been really outraged, she could have done something, ”Grisham recalls.

The actions against the staff member came following allegations of domestic violence against former White House personnel secretary Rob Porter.

To be just one example of the many crimes committed by the former president, in now-leaked footage from 2005, he was caught bragging about one famous man’s standards, that “They [women] let yourself be. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy.

Trumps did nothing to save the staff

Grisham points to the double standards at play throughout Trump’s scandalous period, writing that “if the person was really fired just because they were gay and had a lively Grindr account, that was wrong. It was a White House filled with adultery, ”she wrote.

“I had a DUI, and they let me stay.”

Grisham goes on to blame Melania Trump for the dismissal, alleging that the former First Lady initially reacted angrily when she was informed, but ultimately did nothing to prevent her dismissal – proof of “nature Trump’s White House transaction, ”says Grisham.

As stated in CNN, after starting work as a press secretary for Trump during his presidential campaign in 2015, Grisham resigned his post, with immediate effect, just after the violent riots on Capitol Hill in January.

Kelly’s time as White House chief of staff finally came to an end when Trump declared their “love affair” over at the end of 2018, with Kelly leaving the White House in January 2019.

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