What is Trash Talk? Doublelift, Caedrel and LS launch a podcast


Former professional League of Legends player Peng “Doublelift” Yilang has started a new podcast with Cloud9 coach Nick “LS” DeCesare and LEC analyst Marc “Caedrel” Lamong called trash talk.

Doublelift, Caedrel, and LS have all been in the community spotlight for the past few months for a variety of reasons. All three are now reuniting on a podcast that offers years of professional experience on the scene and potentially valuable insights.

Thrash Talk podcast debuts as a hit

The first episode of the Trash Talk podcast has been very well received by the League of Legends community. By combining two personalities with professional gaming experience in Caedrel and Doublelift with popular content creator and current Cloud9 LCS LS coach, fans get a behind-the-scenes look at professional gaming. This idea included crazy stories from the trio’s time in esports, especially LS and their time in Korea.

The three discussed everything from unusual encounters during their time on previous squads to Cloud9’s wild style of play in their first week of play in the LCS. With picks like support Sona and midfielder Ivern, LS’s coaching style stood out from the rest of the LCS and that took up a lot of the discussion. LS has always been a strong proponent of aggressively prioritizing enchanters and other champions who can outmaneuver more binary enemy compositions.

From League of Legends longevity to LS being locked in a room with members of esports organization Gravity to salaries so low they weren’t livable, the three had something to connect with. The community seems to have welcomed this new content with open arms, with multiple clips garnering attention on Twitter and Reddit, as well as other social platforms.

This is Doublelift’s first serious effort to create a podcast, but Caedrel and LS are no strangers to the medium. Caedrel became the regular co-host of EUphoria from the LEC, and LS has been creating content for years with a wide cast of characters.


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