What does The Doers do? The creator of the popular podcast explains his intention


Hello readers, let’s talk about it The doersa podcast I’ve been doing for three years.

I remember conversations with my friends staying abroad. Most of the time our conversation came back to how they wanted to do things in Nepal, but for some reason that didn’t seem possible at all. Statistics show that over the past 26 years, nearly 5.5 million young Nepalese have migrated to foreign lands to find employment. To think of all these people as potential doers, who wanted to do things inland but couldn’t, is alarming and frightening. Especially as an entrepreneur who is not tired of doing and who is constantly looking for growth, it was necessary to know more about how the players in the country did it and how it is done. The podcast “The Doers Nepal” is the result.

Connect with each of you

The content on social networks to which we are exposed has a major impact on us. I have experienced firsthand the intensity of the impact useful content can have after ‘The Doers Nepal’. The makers who have been on our podcast reach a wider audience, who are interested in their work, in what they do. And, when it comes to connection through work, the audience is not just an audience; it also becomes target customers, they are potential collaborators. The true connection makers have found with the general public, potential customers and collaborators through our podcast is proof that it’s not the number of views or the number of people we reach that matters. What matters is the quality of the audience, the type of people who watch it.

Complete New Media

Photo courtesy: The Doers Nepal

Nepal is a country of youth. According to worldometer.info, the average age of Nepalese is 24.6 years. It means we have so much to look forward to, there is so much that can be done. In fact, people in the media like to watch people in the media. It is a known face that interests us. In my opinion, what our mainstream media lacks is the presence of actors, the presence of people with ideas that influence corporate culture, entrepreneurship and of course society.

‘The Doers Nepal’ is one of the pioneering platforms in Nepal for people with ideas, for people with ideas. It is a space where opinion leaders share their opinions, a space where opinion leaders are trained, a space that creates the content that the enthusiastic Nepalese youth as a group needs.

Create inspiration

In terms of content creation, ‘The Doers Nepal’ as a production team has evolved over the years. We continue to explore and experiment with ways in which we can raise awareness of the potential Nepal holds for actors. We created a series like ‘doers upon doers‘ where two doers talk. Our goal is to make The Doers Nepal more contextual and relevant to the audience.

Similarly, we run another series ‘HERITAGE CREATORS‘, in which we chat with actors who have been doing it for a long time, actors with an inspiring story.

Back to Nepal’ is another series of conversations with people who have returned to Nepal to do here. I believe such impactful stories should reach more people. There is so much to learn for anyone who wants to have a candid conversation with opinion leaders, the actors themselves.

The internet and social media are essential these days. We are keen to keep the younger generation away from it for as long as possible. However, in a recent CNN article, it’s mentioned that kids around 13 are actively joining social media, so I think our concern shouldn’t be keeping them away but exposing them to the right kind of content. Content that motivates, that inspires… even better, not only inspires but actually guides to do; the type of content that ‘The Doers Nepal’ has produced.

continue connection

The interest that Nepalese from inside and outside the country showed to do in Nepal after our podcast was the biggest motivation for us. We are excited to bring more Nepalese makers to chat with us and look forward to collaborating with other amazing Nepalese brands. There are many brands and makers in Nepal that people don’t know yet.

As mentioned before, ‘The Doers Nepal’ itself is on its own way with different new goals every season. This season, we want to not only reach many of you, but also connect with you. A two-way connection, reactive, spontaneous and helpful… For this, we have built a community. You can join our community on Discord by click here.

It is a matter of pride for us that “The Doers Nepal” has become a platform for Nepalese brands and Nepalese audience to connect. ‘The Doers Nepal’ will continue to do the work of the bridge; connect actors and brands with audiences and audiences with ideas and advice from actors and of course, an actor with another actor.


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