Vox Union says “We have a deal”. | Daily News Podcast


No details have been released so far, but after several days of marathon negotiations, Vox Media has reached a tentative agreement with its unionized employees, including those who work on its audio productions. The agreement avoids the threat of a strike at the home of podcasts such as Today Explained and Recode daily.

“We have an agreement,” the union said in a series of Twitter posts. “After an intense week of negotiations with the management of Vox Media, we are delighted to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement on our second collective agreement.” The tentative agreement is now submitted to the members for ratification.

Union members earlier authorized a potential strike after months of contract talks failed to reach an agreement. The final sticking points were significant, including salaries, 401(k) contributions and more affordable benefits.

Members of the Vox union sought to make up for their agreement from two years ago to skip a pay rise in their previous contract as the pandemic made the business climate uncertain. But since then they say they haven’t received a pay rise or other compensation despite Vox investing millions to buy other businesses – including several podcast deals.

Vox Media employees unionized in 2018 under the Writers Guild of America-East banner. It covers several of the Vox brands, including Recode, Eater, and SB Nation. However, this does not include New York magazine employees, who have a separate union and contract with Vox.


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