Vox Media’s “Today Explained” makes its public radio debut. | Daily News Podcast


Today, Vox Media’s daily news podcast, Explained makes its radio debut. Vox, which signed a distribution partnership with WNYC Studios for the show last fall, says more than 50 public radio stations will air the half-hour “Today, Explained” radio edition. the the list includes stations such as Philadelphia’s WHYY, Oregon Public Broadcasting, New Hampshire Public Radio, Cincinnati Public Radio, and New Orleans Public Radio.

Jobs at Vox Media Today Explained less of a daily news series and more of a daily explainer, though the content generally closely follows what’s making headlines. In his radio stint, NPR veteran Noel King was embarked last November working alongside Vox Audio co-host and creative director Sean Rameswaram.

“Broadcasting this podcast on public radio stations across the country has been a dream of mine since we launched in early 2018,” Rameswaram said. “From the jump, the show tackled the news by questioning all perspectives and angles while reaching out to the widest audience imaginable. We champion the journalism of our colleagues at Vox Media, but also local newspapers , member stations, well-known entities and international media that fly under the radar Sharing our work with public radio is the ultimate fulfillment of our mission to help as many listeners as possible understand the news.

For King, returning to radio is a familiar playground after hosting NPR’s “Morning Edition” and its First Podcast. Before King joined Morning Edition, her career spanned a range of radio roles, including stints as a correspondent at NPR. Silver Planetproducer at WNYC Studio’s Takeaway mealsand journalist at American Public Media’s Marlet. In 2020, the Radio Hall of Fame honored him with its “One to Watch” award.

“I’m excited to be returning to public radio stations across the country,” King said. “The public radio airwaves are a precious and limited resource, and for stations to choose our show is both an honor and a testament to the work our team does every day. I’m so happy we’ve found a home in the ecosystem of public media that we have known and loved since the beginning of our careers.

Similar to King, Rameswaram also has a background in public radio. Before joining Vox, he worked on the podcast and radio show radiolab at WNYC Studios and the now-completed podcast and radio show Workshop 360 for PRI/International Public Radio.

Although many public radio podcasts find their way to radio, the door has been mostly closed to podcasters working outside the realm of public radio – with The New York Times producing The Daily being a notable exception to the rule. But a launch pad of more than four dozen radio clearances is likely to help Today, Explained break the mold. Vox Media says it expects to add more affiliates in the coming months.


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