“Voice of SCS” Completes New Podcast Studio


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Students at Shelby County schools will be able to tell their stories through a popular new podcasting platform. The voice…

MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com)—Students at Shelby County schools will be able to tell their stories through a popular new podcasting platform.

The Voice of Shelby County Schools, 88.5 FM and C19TV, completed a new podcast studio late last week for students.

The radio and television station is a partner of the school district. They teach broadcasting students about media platforms and they help the district tell stories about what’s happening around the schools. Now they are expanding their media through podcasting.

Podcasts are accessible through your cell phone and the Internet and have grown in popularity in recent years. They cover everything from history, true crime, sports and talk radio.

Voice of SCS chief executive John Best said the podcast studio is primarily aimed at students, but will also be available for free to educators and school leaders.

Best said they try to keep up with ever-changing trends in technology and are frequently asked if they have the capabilities to do podcasts of school officials and students.

“We want to be instead of a pipeline from school to prison. We want to be a pipeline of news channels between school and television. So if they’re equipped with all the right technology, all the know-how, they should be able to leave our building and fit right in and have the knowledge of podcasting, streaming,” Best said.

While they could previously do podcasts through their radio equipment, the new studio reserves a space to do so with new microphones and a keyboard specially used for podcasts.

Best said all students are welcome on the podcast as long as their content is considered appropriate for the school, is helpful to the community, and they can be consistent in creating their own new content.

If a student wants to talk about sneakers? Better said they can, as long as they’re engaged.

“This is how we learn to teach and train students on content. Always on the lookout for what is happening in the news; if a new shoe is made in China, it won’t be in America until next year. If they get used to getting that kind of information, we’re here for them,” Best said.

Best said he plans to upload the podcasts to outlets such as Apple’s Podcast app.

A group of 12 broadcast students have already developed a Str8up901 podcast that focuses on student issues. Students record and edit their own work for this.

“We tell our story. In particular, our students will have the opportunity to tell their story and that’s another tool to make sure we understand that,” Bestid said. “Especially for our superintendent and board members. They can come here and do something every week or every two weeks. »

Outside community members can also use the space, Best said. They hope to use the studio to generate more money for the broadcast program by allowing people to use the studio for a small fee.

By then, Best hopes to double or triple the equipment he currently has.

Equipment costs landed at just under $2,000, Best said. The Voiceof SCS covered the costs through its budget provided by the school district.


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