Vin Diesel and Ludacris call Fast X a mix of ‘sacrifices and miracles’


Another week, another Vin Diesel video from the set of the new Fast and Furious movie! Like clockwork, the actor and puppeteer from the Fast and Furious franchise brought in another of his co-stars to share their thoughts on the experience of filming Fast 10, and this time he’s joined by Ludacris.

Over the past few weeks, Vin Diesel has been posting regular videos of himself with various other Fast and Furious cast members behind the scenes of the new action flick. It all started with the infamous video by Diesel and Justin Lin, the film’s director at the time. Lin walked away from the project just days after this video was released.

Now Ludacris, who has played Fast and Furious character Tej Walker in the franchise since 2 Fast 2 Furious nearly 20 years ago, joins Diesel at the end of the sixth week of filming and seemed to be in good spirits when he praised the production. That is, despite missing his daughter’s birthday to be there.

“Do you know what that does to me? Sacrifices and miracles,” Ludacris asserted. “It takes sacrifice to see miracles. We’ve been doing this for so long, all we’re doing is trying to raise the bar, and we have a higher power guiding us right now,” he added.

“I’m here to let you know that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and teamwork makes the dream work,” Ludacris continued. “Sixth week and it feels good!”

Diesel then explains that Ludacris is missing his daughter’s seventh birthday to be on set, which again gets Ludacris excited about angels and miracles.

“When we talk about miracles and sacrifices, it comes full circle when you say that about children,” Ludacris explained. “About the angels, about the next generation. That’s what we’re building, a legacy.

Fast and Furious 10, or Fast X, will be released on May 19, 2023 in the United States.


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