Update regarding Rudy Gay’s health and condition

Rudy Gay is back on the pitch.

Speaking to the media ahead of Tuesday’s game against Atlanta, Utah Jazz General Manager Justin Zanik has updated the health of the acquisition of prized free agent Rudy Gay.

Gay, who is recovering from surgery on his right heel, is currently participating in “controlled judicial work”.

“We haven’t had any training so we do, you know, this normal routine to play with him when the contact is intensified.… Things are going well,” Zanik said. “It’s a progression, and he’s in the middle of it. Now that we’re home for 10 days, I think it’s a great time where, even though we don’t train, we have an environment where we can set things up for 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and then fully integrate into practice. “

Zanik has said the organization learned of Gay’s operation during the offseason before signing him, having no issues with what he was going through at the time and believing he would make a full recovery. He is currently on schedule, with no setbacks so far.

“This is exactly where we thought it would happen,” Zanik said. “When we got our schedule, this is what it looked like. It hit all the benchmarks it needed.”

Gay underwent surgery in the offseason to remove a bone spur in his right heel, an injury he has suffered for five years.

“I was never injured, it was just to relieve a pain that I’ve been playing with for a little while,” Gay said a month ago. “I felt like after last season I was done with this.… I consider myself a very difficult guy to play with for five years.”

Regarding Gay’s presence in the lockers, his former teammate Mike Conley said Gay has already made his presence felt in the locker rooms and on the pitch. Gay has been very loud trying to fit into the squad while learning the games and tendencies of his new teammates, a priority as the Jazz are set to win now.

“I think being a veteran more than anything… It’s a great NBA team, and we’re going to win games,” Gay said. “I’m a pro, and I’m a competitor, and I’ve seen places where I can assert myself where the team is lacking. Everyone respects each other, and they have great personalities, but at the end of by day, the goal is to win. “

Zanik said the Jazz will provide another update regarding Gay’s progress on Monday, November 15.

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