The Podcast Stats interface is getting an overhaul on Blubrry. | Daily News Podcast


Podcast hosting company Blubrry has rolled out its new Podcast Stats UI. The company says that in addition to adding new data points, it will also provide the statistical information it collects for shows in a much simpler format for producers.

The New Data New features include listener retention and impactful plays throughout a show’s lifespan, down to individual episodes. Impactful Plays is a metric that Blubrry says helps creators determine how meaningful their content is to their audience by providing a clear picture of how many people are listening to a notable length of their episode. Blubrry says Impactful Plays is set from a significant portion (75%-100%) of the episode that has been downloaded or played according to their blog post. The company says it’s the first podcast hosting platform to make the metric available to users.

The newly added retention chart is a metric that provides users with an at-a-glance breakdown of completed plays and partial media plays. Blubrry says this data can be used by producers to gain insight into how long their audience is listening.

Other updates include updated tables and charts and more simplified data. The new features will be available to users of Blubrry’s advanced hosting tier customers.

“Podcasters are focused on show growth, and so are we. Providing the statistical information we collect about their podcast in a much simpler format will allow creators to better track audience growth and make changes to support this growth,” said CEO Todd Cochrane. “With a wealth of information, it was crucial to find a better way to display it and share it with our users, who rely on us for an accurate representation of their podcast.”

Blubrry says the new features are the “first of many” updates to its podcast stats in the most comprehensive stats update in the company’s 16-year history. The features are designed to enhance the user experience through enhanced graphs, charts and tables to provide users with an easy-to-understand audience growth trajectory.


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