The New Zoom PodTrak P8 is the Ultimate Podcast Studio


Every podcaster wants to look professional first. Second, they want to have everything they need at their fingertips. Now the the new Zoom PodTrak P8 takes the guesswork out of production. Stop worrying about fixing things in the mail. Fix them at the source with the only full-featured podcast studio you’ll ever need.

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Sleek, stunning and visually intuitive, the Zoom PodTrak P8 can handle it all with ease.

Key features of the Zoom PodTrak P8:

  • Color coded touch screen management
  • Preamps that provide up to 70db of gain for hungry dynamic microphones
  • On Air button for complete control of broadcast studio style
  • Mobile recording via 4 AA batteries or external USB power source
  • USB-C connectivity
  • 6 XLR microphone inputs
  • 6 headphone outputs with dedicated volume control for each
  • 9 programmable sound blocks
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Supports SD, SDHC and SDXC cards up to 512 GB
  • Editing capability on board
  • Mix Minus option to prevent echoing of phone or Skype calls
  • 2 TRS jacks for connecting monitors for your control room or mixing needs
Zoom Podtrak P8
Photo via Zoom
Zoom Podtrak P8
Photo via Zoom

While there are similarities to other hardware, Zoom takes it one step further. The board has a stainless steel look which makes it quite simply a feast for the eyes. The visual navigation colors to monitor the interface are serious and powerful. They force your eyes to focus on where they need to be so you can make adjustments on the fly quickly and easily.

Second, purchasing professional equipment with large amounts of clean gain can quickly become expensive. Most prosum-style mixers can’t handle gain-hungry mics like the Shure SM7B or Electro-Voice RE20. With the PodTrak P8, you don’t have to run around and buy a preamplifier to give yourself extra gain as you have 70 db right out of the box. In short: it saves you time and money.

Zoom Podtrak P8

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There is also an “On Air” button found on each channel. It’s an incredibly convenient option to have at your disposal. Many shows tend to use Skype, Zoom, and daily phone calls. The problem is, when hosts introduce guests, the audience hears them echoing in the background and this makes the listening experience mediocre. Simply press the ‘On Air’ button on their channel when it’s time to talk and eliminate unnecessary background noise while saving listeners’ eardrums.

Keep in mind that when the button is not in use you can still hear the ones waiting in your headphones, but they will not actually be saved to your SD or DAW card until you press the button. button for them to come in and be, well, on the air!

Zoom’s goal with this release is clear: to make podcasting easy right out of the box. Hassle-free. No stories. Whether you’re in a studio or in your living room, the PodTrak P8 is the one tool you’ll need to podcast like a pro.

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Christophe Piccione

Christophe Piccione

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