The “New Girl” Emmy Mix Up That May Have Cost Zooey Deschanel Her Win


“(Max and I) were each able to submit an episode that would be like an example of our best acting on the show,” Deschanel said. “His episode was submitted for me and my episode was submitted for him.”

“Ah that’s the big Emmys switcheroo,” Simone said.

Deschanel and Greenfield were informed of the mix-up and advised that the correct episodes had been resubmitted to the appropriate committees. Although she was reassured that the committee had reviewed the episode she had submitted and had received the same consideration as the other nominees in her category, the new girl the actor was skeptical.

“I was like, ‘forget it,'” Deschanel said. “It’s over. Neither of us won. And we’ll never know if it was the confusion of episodes or if we weren’t as good as the other person who won.

Julia Louis Dreyfus won the award that year for her role as “Vice President Selina Meye” in Veep. Other nominees for the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a 2012 Comedy Series include Tina Fey of 30 Rock, Amy Poehler of Parks and recreationand Melissa McCarthy of Mike and Molly.

Eric Stonestreet who played “Cam” in modern family, received Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series that year. He was selected from three of his cast mates, Bill Haderand of course Max Greenfield.

Deschanel and Greenfield were not nominated for another Primetime Emmy Award for the remainder of their show’s seven seasons. Listen to the full conversation on the “Control” episode on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. Welcome to our show is the official new girl rewatch the podcast hosted by the show’s former cast.

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