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The week-long series of announcements by the Peabody Award judges of their 2022 winners has ended with another podcast winner. The judges selected Hub & Spoke Audio’s Rumble Strip “Finn and the Bell” for the honor.

“Finn and the Bell paints a low-key portrait of a small Vermont community grappling with the suicide of a young man, and the beauty of its method lies in the way the piece universalizes the feeling of a wake,” wrote said the judges. “Using a drifting, unnarrated format that emphasizes the voices of those left behind, podcast host Erica Heilman gently guides emotion through the overwhelming pain of loss into the celebration of a lifetime, giving us tender treatment of a grieving community.”

Vermont-based Heilman started Rumble Strip in 2013. The show is a collection of stories about people, their loves, their hates and their fears.

“I’m stunned and excited,” Heilman said. “It’s a rare occasion for a major award to recognize the work of an independent producer with a team of…one person. But these “teams of one” are where podcasting originated. For years, podcasts have been created in closets and living rooms for the simple, obsessive love of creating them. And they are beautiful and quirky and have their own particular sound. Hub & Spoke, an independent podcast collective doing this kind of strange, singular, heartfelt work, has been the perfect home for Rumble Strip since 2019, and I’m so heartened to see the Peabody organization recognize what we’re doing.

Heilman works with Hub & Spoke Audio to produce and distribute the Rumble Fish series, and the company says Peabody not only celebrates Heilman and the story she told, but “the power of independent audio storytelling.

The award was announced in an online video presented by actor and podcaster Adam Scott, who previously hosted the RU Talkin and Adam & Scott Weekly podcasts.

This week, the Peabody judges also honored the NPR series Throughline for a September 2021 episode titled “Afghanistan: Center of the World” and the NBC News Southlake podcast on how critical race theory was considered. in a fight in a Texas school district. And Terry Gross, host of the NPR podcast and radio show Fresh Air, also received a Peabody Institutional Award. The Philadelphia-based WHYY series is recognized for more than 35 years of conversations with the people who have shaped society over the past century.

A total of 30 winners were announced this year. PBS topped the list with six, followed by HBO/HBO Max with four and Netflix with three. The winners are chosen unanimously by a jury of 19 jurors and were selected from more than 1,200 entries submitted from podcasts, radio, television and streaming media.

“Whether it’s exposing injustices, detailing uncomfortable truths, or making us laugh uncontrollably, all of the winners have demonstrated how to tell a compelling story,” said Jeffrey Jones, executive director of Peabody. “With an ongoing pandemic, political obstructionism and senseless wars that continue to take and disrupt lives, these programs have overcome many obstacles to tell important stories that will stand the test of time. Peabody is proud to honor their incredible work.

The Peabody Awards were founded in 1940 at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication and are still based in Athens, GA today.

See all the 2022 winners HERE.


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