The innovative Newry Podcast Studio is getting better and better


With recent increased interest in local podcasts, it’s not hard to see why a purpose-built podcast studio in Newry has become so popular.

Launched just before the pandemic in early 2020, Granite Podcast Studio in the Granite Exchange in Newry has just passed the milestone of 200,000 collective downloads since the podcast studio opened in the fall of 2020.

Built in late 2019 and opened in early 2020, just before lockdown, it was a delayed start for the state-of-the-art podcast studio, but in just 18 months more than 200,000 people have chosen to download and listen to a podcast. episode which was expertly recorded and edited at Granite Podcast Studios.

Home to some of Northern Ireland and Ireland’s leading podcasts including What’s the Crime?, The Public Eye and Activist Lawyer, the podcast studio is conveniently located in the heart of Newry and now attracts podcast creators and hosts in grass from Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Commenting on this major milestone, Colleen O’Hare, Granite Podcast Studio Manager comments, “At Granite Exchange, we pride ourselves on being an innovative, forward-thinking company and are delighted that our productions have reached over 200,000 people in a such context. short time period.

“When we invested in podcast studios before the pandemic, we were convinced of the growing demand for high-quality, state-of-the-art studio space, but the arrival of the pandemic quickly closed our doors during of the first lock.

“When it was safe, we relaunched the podcast studio and welcomed many hosts and hundreds of guests into the studio. Our hosts travel far and wide to record at Granite Podcast Studios because of our quality equipment, location, and editing expertise.

As restrictions eased and the podcasting trend continued to rise, Granite Podcast Studio noticed a significant increase in new podcasts and inquiries. Colleen continues, “We have many plans for Granite Podcast Studios, and as the demand for high-quality podcasts increases, we are well positioned to welcome new customers whom we can help on their podcast journey.”

The ultra-modern studio has a spacious and airy space for up to four participants and is equipped with the latest audio equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Granite Podcast Studio’s experienced team also offers in-house editing services, which can turn any podcast into a professional show ready for download with minimal effort required from its customers.

Natasha Daryaie, also known as Gym Guru, records her “Tash Talks” podcast in Granite Podcast Studio. Natasha adds: “Having such a modern podcast studio on our doorstep in Newry is a gift for people looking to grow their presence or looking to record good quality podcasts coupled with expertise and knowledge in this space. .

“The team at Granite Podcast Studio made my recording experience at the studio fantastic. I know my audience and my content, but the overall service provided a higher quality listening experience, and that certainly contributed to the growth constant from my podcast audience.

Belinda O’Neill, host of the ‘Be Inspired to Be’ podcast, recently recorded in Granite Podcast Studio, and added, “Registering in Granite Podcast Studio was very easy. All I did was book my slot, show up and check in! The studio is spacious and comfortable and is equipped with all modern equipment to record a high quality podcast. I also used the in-house editing service and look forward to working with the team on future episodes and creating the “Be Inspired to Be” podcast series.

Granite Podcast Studio is located at 5-6 Kildare St, Newry, BT34 1DQ. The workshop is open from Monday to Friday. For more information on its services, please see or contact Colleen O’Hare at [email protected]

To listen to some of Granite Podcast Studio’s podcasts, check out the website where you’ll find: The Public Eye, hosted by Sarah Travers, Activist Lawyer, Just’ Cause and Loudmouthed Lawyer.


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