The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Jokes That Won’t End Up In Hilary Duff’s Sequel Series

It was 2005. George W. Bush was in his second term, Tom Brady won his third ring and Ted Mosby’s long story of how [he] meet [their] the mother had just started. At another time, how I Met Your Mother made jokes that wouldn’t necessarily land in the politically correct, hyper-sensitive society of 2021 – from the big jokes and cultural appropriation to Barney Stinson’s playbook, the early 2000s was the Wild West. Building on the recent announcement that a how I Met Your Mother spin off, How i met your father, is in the works at Hulu with Hilary Duff, here are some problematic witticisms of yesteryear.

Photo: 20th Century Fox TV / Gotham (Getty Images)

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