The French podcast platform Ausha connects to the English database of Podchaser. | Daily News Podcast


Podcast database company Podchaser has announced another integration, this time with French host Ausha. The alliance means that all English-language podcasts hosted by Ausha can choose to automatically add their podcast to Podchaser’s library. “Our exciting new partnership with Ausha continues our goal of working with international partners to support the global podcasting community,” said Bradley Davis, CEO of Podchaser.

The companies say the integration will mean that with the click of a button, podcasters hosted by Ausha can now submit their show to Podchaser without the extra step of manually submitting their podcast to Podchaser themselves. Once submitted to Podchaser, podcasts hosted by Ausha can easily increase their organic visibility by responding to reviews, adding credits, adding custom categories, and creating lists.

“Ausha’s mission is to help our podcasters grow their audience. Our new partnership with Podchaser provides a new opportunity for our podcasters to broadcast and promote their shows as widely as possible,” said Franck Fitoussi, Product Director of Ausha, in the joint announcement.

Ausha is the latest podcast hosting company integration for Podchaser. He announced earlier that he had similar deals with companies such as Acast, Transistor, and Omny Studios, among other partnerships.


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