The Construction File Podcast – Episode 172: Part 1 of the VRCA Construction Leadership Forum


This week on the digital media podcast Construction Record, Warren Frey shares some interviews from the Vancouver Regional Construction Association’s Construction Leadership Forum in Whistler, BC. It was the first time the conference had been held in person since the start of the pandemic and the sessions included topics such as substance use, renovations and truth and reconciliation.

The first interview included in this episode is with Vancouver Island Construction Association CEO Rory Kulmala and Harm Reduction Coordinator Greg Hemminger. Their session explained VICA Tailgate tool box program that helps industry players address substance use and keep workers safe, and Greg talks about his personal journey and the importance of tackling Colombia’s toxic drug supply -British.

The second interview is with James Bourget, director of RDH Building Science, construction specialist and instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, who was one of the participants in a panel on the growing importance of renovations in the fight against change climatic. Bourget is passionate but pragmatic as he seeks ways for the industry to respond to the climate crisis.

Next Wednesday we will have a Construction Leadership Forum interview with Rising tip Founder Annie Corver, who spoke to participants about how the construction industry can engage and advance the process of truth and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada.

If you want to see the full webcast and other videos Click here. You can listen to The Construction Record and TCR Express on the Daily Commercial News and Journal of Commerce sites as well as on Apple podcast, Spotify and Amazon Music podcast, and you can listen to our recent podcast featuring highlights from the recent ConstructConnect business webcast here. Thank you for listening and see you next week.


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