THE BOYS Star Jack Quaid Recalls Hilarious Mix-Up While Filming ‘Herogasm’ Episode


The “Herogasm” episode of The boys has definitely delivered its fair share of delightfully deranged moments, and star Jack Quaid has now revealed a hilarious NSFW confusion that took place on the set of the show…

The boys Season 3 was more violent and depraved than ever, though the Prime Video series definitely pushed the envelope with last Friday’s “Herogasm” episode.

The cast and crew streamed this episode heavily before it finally hit the streaming service, and we’d say it didn’t disappoint. There have already been plenty of funny behind-the-scenes stories that have gone around the experience of making “Herogasm” a reality, but one of the funniest has now been shared by actor Hughie Campbell, Jack Quaid.

“It was COVID season” he started, “So we had a lot of places where you have hand sanitizer, and I heard a crew member say, ‘Oh man, I mistook the lube bottle for the hand sanitizer bottle. And he just had lube on his hands.”

Speaking of the hilarious confusion, Quaid added: “You’ll never get that on any other show. It made me laugh so much and made me feel really bad for this person.”

“But this whole episode…I’ll never do anything like that again. And the fact that all the storylines surrounding this event are so interesting and cool, I think it’s one of the best episodes we’ve ever had. ever done and I’m really proud of it.”

While Prime Video rarely releases behind-the-scenes content from its TV shows and movies, we’d love to see some footage from the set showing how “Herogasm” became a reality. It looks like everyone involved had a great time anyway, and we’re sure the crew member Quaid is talking about won’t soon forget the experience.

In our review of The boys season 3 we said the show “remains the most depraved and deliciously unhinged series on TV, and while it tries to do a little too much, Season 3 is a must-watch and a great platform for the phenomenal Jensen Ackles to steal the show. featured as Soldier Boy.”

Did “Herogasm” live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments section.


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