“Tell This Story”: Coastal Creative in St. Pete offers podcast, studio and event space for creators


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Those bitten by the creative bug or dreaming up new ideas during quarantine now have a new space in St. Petersburg to fulfill their dreams as a podcast, photography and social media influencer .

Coastal Creative was founded by a group of friends who first met through meet-up groups for creators.

Zachary Moore, Koji Sumaode and Dwight Mathis worked together on the concept, their collective mark and their personal marks, for two years before the creation of “Coastal”, which started as a blog and a podcast.

Coastal recently moved from a smaller space to a huge warehouse, located at 2201 1st Ave South in St. Petersburg, and celebrated its grand opening on January 9th.

the the site offers a space for podcasters which includes video production, a space for audio engineering, a studio for music videos, photography and much more. The warehouse can also be used for small and large events, from art galleries and wedding receptions to workshops or get-togethers.

“We want to invite the community into our space. We’re a huge building, but we work with local businesses, helping them with branding, making videos, ads, content creation, social management,” said Moore, COO of Coastal Creative. “We’re open to the public, we love for people to drop by, experience the space, it’s a really cool environment.”

Moore said that once the concept was developed, it “took off like a rocket”.

According to Coastal Creative’s director of photography Sumalde, the company offers a “myriad” of video production services but focuses on commercial work and music video productions.

“We also offer a lot of content on social media, and that seems to be what a lot of people need right now,” Sumalde said.

Mathis, the company’s creative director, described what Coastal Creative does outside of local business social media, which includes helping influencers…including the very popular influencers here in Tampa Bay.

“We also work with our local influencers as well as…a comedian dancer, her name is Yung BBQ, she came to our space. She found our space on ‘Peerspace’, it’s a site where you can put your location on the site for any filmmaker or photographer to find a place to shoot,” Mathis said.

“His brother found us and we kind of increased his production of his content on his Instagram, where she has 1.4 million followers.

“So if you’re an influencer and you want videos and photos and you want to be able to use the space, we definitely have that option available here. We have a massive building that you can just take to any location. nook or cranny and get some pretty interesting content for yourself,” Sumalde said.

Some local businesses are even housed in Coastal Creative’s warehouse, including Conscious Accounting, Craft Tee, Spenny Lane, Stereogram Sound, Top Hat, and Vine Lash + Beauty Company.

Sumaode said the future of Coastal Creative includes giving back to the creative community within the warehouses and art districts of St. Petersburg.

the friends also run a meetup group called “CreatorsBurg,” a photography and videography group that hopes to build a community of creators in St. Petersburg.

Both workshop space and Coastal Creative’s podcast space are now available for booking for St. Petersburg creatives. Many event spaces are also available also to book.

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