TEAL Announces New Industry Podcast, IoT Connect


Teal is thrilled to announce the launch of its new industry podcast, IoT Connect. The newly released podcast will cover topics around the Internet of Things (IoT) with the sole purpose of engaging with the IoT community. IoT Connect delves into a wide range of topics surrounding the growing world of IoT, and each episode will feature experts from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

The connected IoT market has accelerated dramatically since the turn of the decade, and the world is on track to spend $1.1 trillion (USD) on various IoT technologies by 2023. However, keeping abreast of current technology that is driving the IoT revolution can meet challenges in an ever-changing world with constant innovation. IoT Connect was launched to connect and inform like-minded pioneers passionate about the IoT industry.

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“IoT Connect allows listeners to benefit from the latest insights from the industry’s most influential leaders. We want our community members to learn from the podcast and use that insight to engage with the next generation of connected solutions that are transforming the world before our eyes,” said Michael JohnsonCo-founder and CBO of Teal.

Connect and hear from top industry influencers on how technology innovation is benefiting and empowering businesses across many verticals. IoT Connect will connect with some of the brightest leaders in today’s IoT industry, representing a wide range of companies across connectivity, 5G, private LTE, healthcare, robotics, oil and gas, manufacturing, shipping, fleets, mobility, agriculture, retail and others.

Recent episodes of IoT Connect have featured guest interviews, including:

  • Glenn Lurie, former President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations, explains how the IoT has gone from non-existent to one of the most important growth areas for carriers. Find out why IoT is such an important segment for carriers and what’s on the horizon as IoT begins to change and shape the world.
  • IoT expert and influencer Rob Tiffany recently joined the podcast to share insights into the evolution of IoT, its destination, and first-hand experience of solving connectivity issues at the edge. Rob also talks about his love for digital twins and some IoT innovations he’s passionate about.
  • TEAL co-founders Robby Hamblet and Michael Johnston discuss their entrepreneurial journey and why they’re passionate about democratizing access to carrier networks around the world.

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