TASCAM Mixcast 4 vs. Rodecaster Pro


When the Rodecaster Pro was revealed and reviewed, it changed the game of podcasting forever, and now the competition is hitting the thick and fast market with the TASCAM Mixcast 4 make a strong case for taking the dollar purchase from TO ROLL.

I saw this online and immediately reached out to the local Tascam team in Australia – I can’t wait to take a look given how popular the Rodecaster is here at EFTM.

Don’t be fooled by the name, the Mixcast 4 is not the 4th generation, at best it refers to the four mic inputs.

This is certainly a device created by reputable audio brand Tascam to make sure they don’t miss out on a booming market – Rodecaster was on their own, now there is strong competition.

Tascam Mixcast 4 Price in Australia

I’ve seen it listed as RRP at $ 1,049, but available at $ 899. The Rodecaster has an MSRP of $ 949 and I’ve seen it at $ 829 or less.

So you pay more for the Tascam Mixcast 4 – without a doubt, is it worth it?

What’s better about the Mixcast 4 vs the Rodecaster Pro

As a physical device, they are very, very similar. But the Mixcast 4 has a few advantages.

First, you can plug in XLR microphones as well as 6.3mm TRS microphone cables – you can’t do this on the Rodecaster. Rodecaster has clips that stop XLR removal, not Tascam – it can be good or bad.

The line input can be one TRRS or two 6.3mm TRSs, which is also a good option.

Tascam also used a full size SD card slot on the Mixcast 4, which I frankly prefer!

But for me, it’s the on-board software that really speeds it up for the Mixcast. You can name your files as you complete them using an onscreen keyboard – it works great.

And in each microphone setting, you can change the voice settings so you can be in a damp room, or even change the pitch of your voice. Ideal for producers of True Crime podcasts.

Finally, there is the TALKBACK button. Strange, but real credibility.

On Mic 1, you cannot be recorded but the other headphone outputs will hear what you say – so a producer might be listening to the guests, telling them to wrap up!

I like this!

Software is the real advantage

I’m not talking about the software that drives this little touchscreen. I’m talking about PC / Mac software here.

Tascam Podcast Editor is a nifty, powerful and easy to use multitrack editor. It’s not an audio editor per se, as I can’t drop a bunch of random files into a timeline, so personally I won’t be switching from Adobe Audition anytime soon.

But if you’re using Audacity, welcome to a more user-friendly experience. If you’re recording a multitrack podcast, it pops up onscreen in an instant, and you can cut and delete lots of ifs and ums in your show if that’s your thing.

You don’t get any editing software with the Rodecaster – so there’s a big check mark here.

However, I suggest to someone who knows their work won’t be distorted by the software offering – for some it would be a cracker.

Which one should you buy? Mixcast 4 or Rodecaster?

In many ways, it’s about which one can you get the best deal on? I think the Rodecaster has a more solid construction and material, but the Tascam Mixcast 4 doesn’t come cheap, it has a good design just a little bit of plastic around which I think puts it down.

For me the Tascam probably wins by a hair’s breadth considering the SD card slot and the naming of the files at the end of recording.

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