Take your podcast to the next level with this podcasting mic package


Podcasts are a great way to spread your message and talk about your passion. It’s a fun way to connect with people who share your passion, but starting and running a podcast isn’t as easy as it sounds.

First, it takes a lot of time to run a podcast and since podcasts are more of an audio show than a video show, you also need to invest in quality audio equipment.

Audio equipment can be expensive, but if you’re thinking of starting a podcast and don’t want to spend a lot of money right away, check out the SLIDE diffuser kit. This podcasting mic bundle is only $28.99 right now and gives you the basic devices and accessories you need to have quality podcast audio.

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It comes with an omnidirectional condenser microphone, which means it picks up sound from all sides. This is great for podcasts that have additional sounds such as instruments, videos, or to enhance the voices of guests who join you on your podcast. If you’re looking for clean, crisp demos, you’ll be happy to know that the Acoustic Pop Filter will handle all your high-end and low-end issues so you don’t have to waste time editing them.

This podcast set also includes a mini tripod to hold the mic in place and a shock mount that protects the microphone from contact and in turn ruins the recording. There is also a handy adapter that allows you to connect the mic to your devices such as your phone, tablet, laptop, camera and PC.

If you’re ready to improve your audio and take your podcast to the next level, don’t wait to grab this offer.

Normally $59, for a limited time you can get the SLIDE broadcast kit: set of podcasting microphones for only $28.99. That’s a nice saving of 51%.

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