Studio Technologies Announces Advanced Broadcast Audio Solutions for IBC 2022


Studio Technologies, based in Skokie Ill. maker of audio, video and fiber optic solutions, announced its latest solutions at IBC 2022. Products include its Model 209 Talent Console, Model 354 Talk Station, Model 5304 Intercom Station, Model 5304 Dante Intercom Audio Engine 5422A and its model 5482 Dante bridge.

Like many Studio Technologies products, these units support Dante Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) technology for direct integration into contemporary applications. They are also compatible with AES67, SMPTE ST 2110 and support Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager software application.

“We continue to develop innovative audio solutions for modern Dante-enabled applications,” said Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “We are delighted that our European team is meeting a range of IBC production staff and showing how they can integrate these products seamlessly into their workflows.”

Product range

  • The model 209 talent console is an “all Dante” solution that can deliver audio in a variety of applications. These include podcasts, voiceover rooms, and fixed/REMI broadcast apps. Users only need a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection, a microphone, and a headset or headset. With this, they can deploy a unique combination of microphone input, headphone output, remote control, and tally output resources in complex, contemporary Dante environments.
  • The Model 354 Talk Station enables voice paging, music, audio file playback, intercom and broadcast talent scouting in a variety of permanent installations and live events. Users only need a gooseneck microphone and a PoE connection for the unit. By using them, it becomes part of a sophisticated networked application. The Model 354 supports four output channels and can be routed to amplifier sets or powered speakers as desired.
  • The model 5304 intercom station is designed to serve as a user interface for a variety of applications. These include live and production television, live events, theater, industrial, aerospace, places of worship and corporate audio visual. Production staff can also establish four independent talk and listen channels with just a headset and a PoE connection. It is simple to create a sophisticated Group Line (PL) intercom application with just these units and an associated Dante-enabled audio processing device.
  • The Dante Intercom Model 5422A audio engine is an improved version of the original offer. However, its new features include a sophisticated automix function for enhanced party line and audio mixing to support a variety of broadcast, production and related applications. The unit also includes extensive network connectivity with three Gigabit Ethernet ports. These can better meet the needs of large multi-grid installations.
  • The Dante bridge model 5482 provides a means of interconnecting (“bridging”) up to 64 audio channels across independent LANs or Dante domains. The 5482 model also provides three Gigabit Ethernet network ports. Thus, it enables support for dial-up and redundant Dante operations as well as a separate management network connection. Each “side” of the network can also be configured independently to meet unique application requirements.

Seamless Setup

Additionally, depending on the specific Studio Technologies product, users can configure via a web browser or the free STcontroller software application. Production personnel can use STcontroller to quickly and easily configure unit operating capabilities to meet exact workflow needs. STcontroller is available in versions compatible with WinOS and macOS operating systems.

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“I look forward to showcasing Studio Technologies’ advanced solutions to the European market at IBC,” added Mark Townsend, Director of Sales for International Markets at Studio Technologies. “Returning to IBC will help further build Studio Technologies’ reputation as a premier Dante exhibitor.”


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