Stick to Sports Podcast: Discussing the impact of the Buckeyes’ return, the best TV shows of all time


Land-Grant Holy Land’s Stick to Sports is unlike any podcast you’ve heard on the ohio state to beat. Your hosts, Matt Tamanini and Jami Jurich, will (of course) talk about Ohio State sports, but the main focus of the show will be on what’s happening around the periphery, like weird happenings/ funny in college football and the world of sports at large, as well as other things that interest us between games, be it pop culture, social media trends, etc.

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On this episode of “Stick to Sports,” Jami and Matt discuss the last three big-name Buckeyes returning for another year in Columbus. They look at what Dawand Jones, Zach Harrison and Noah Ruggles did last season and talk about the impact it can have on Ryan Day’s 2022 squad.

From there, they discuss Harrison’s viral tweet from last week in which he asked his more than 10,000 followers to help him choose between “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad.” From there – having already discussed their favorite TV shows of all time – Matt and Jami attempt to land on what the better The all-time TV show is.

And, as always, they wrap up the episode with their always-perfect recommendations.

Jami’s Recommendation: “Valley Girl” (2020) on Hulu

Matt’s recommendation: “Word of mouth” by Antoine Wilson

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