Spotify launches Radar Podcasters feature to help shows get discovered. | Daily News Podcast


Spotify showed off its version of an in-app feature that will showcase podcast producers and help their shows get discovered. Radar Podcasters launches in 15 markets with 30 creators worldwide, including the United States and other countries where podcasting continues to grow.

“Through Radar, we’re deepening our commitment to emerging creators and strengthening their connection to audiences,” the company says in the announcement.

Each quarter, Spotify’s podcast editorial team will select three up-and-coming creators in each participating market to spotlight, focusing specifically on creators with shows that demonstrate authenticity and inclusivity, education and entertainment, or that simply catch the ear of Spotify staff members. . Spotify’s global Radar playlists will include three episodes from each Radar creator.

“Building an audience, in any form, is a marathon and never a sprint. And I think that’s especially true for podcasts. RADAR Podcasters is unique in that it can not only motivate creators to keep , but it also unlocks those resources that we as a platform can provide. Spotify has a dedicated space to help creators get discovered, be inspired, and learn from other creators. And that’s exactly what what this program is about,” said Brianne O’Brien, Spotify’s Podcast Editorial Manager in a blog post. “Meanwhile, listeners are hungry to find their next favorite podcast, to connect more with hosts or the content, and to find a sense of community. So the more opportunities we can provide in this space for creators to help them foster audience engagement, the better. »

Radar Podcasters is currently active in the United States, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Colombia, India, France, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Indonesia and in the Philippines. Podcasters will be able to submit their shows for review HERE.

The feature may be new to Spotify, but other podcasters have already offered similar promotion and discovery tools. For example, Apple Podcasts offers the “Listen With” collection which features podcasts with the recommendation of artists, authors, filmmakers, influencers, journalists, and other podcasters.


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