Spotify closes its in-house podcast studio


As businesses continue to dive into the world of podcasts, there seems to be a push to get out of it, at least partially. Music broadcaster Spotify is closing its own in-house podcast studio and laying off all employees who cannot find jobs elsewhere within the company.

According to a The edge report, some employees have already been reassigned while others have been directed to the company’s job board. The studio itself is one that Spotify seems to have regularly forgotten about and actually went by two names – internally it was dubbed Studio 4 while externally it was sometimes referred to as Spotify Studios.

Spotify has yet to officially confirm the move to the press, but The Verge was able to get its hands on a note explaining the situation to team members.

Spotify declined to comment. In a memo to Spotify staff obtained by The Verge, however, Julie McNamara, head of US studios and video, acknowledged the layoffs and said closing the studio would allow the company “to move forward faster and to make more meaningful progress and facilitate more effective collaboration”. throughout our organization.”

While Spotify spent huge amounts of money on its podcast game, the Studio 4 outfit was one that was rarely discussed. Sounds like something that maybe should have been a sign that the writing was on the doorstep, with the team finding themselves to be a “garbage drawer” for projects that didn’t belong elsewhere rather than a who had a real place within the company.

The Verge again:

The team eventually completed Spotify’s internal studio offerings, including its three acquired networks: Parcast, Gimlet and The Ringer. The Studio 4 name is literal, as it is Spotify’s fourth studio. It’s also, as one Spotify employee told me, “insulting” to the people who work there, given that it has no brand identity or mission statement. They say it often functioned more like a “garbage drawer” for projects that didn’t find a place in the other three networks.

“When you have Studio 4 it’s like, ‘Well, if all of those boxes are already checked by all of those other studios, then where does that really get us,’ and so I felt like that there was no clear mandate of what Studio 4 was supposed to do,” says the affected employee.

None of this sounds like a good situation. Meanwhile, Spotify is the best podcast app for iPhone if you want to watch its exclusive content. Otherwise, there are many more choices.


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