Southern California Public Radio to Launch Podcast Studio – Deadline


Southern California Public Radio (SCPR) is launching podcast development and production studio LAist Studios and has hired former NBC executive Angela Bromstad as an advisor.

The public radio group, which bought the local media LAist last year, wants to rely on its recent podcasts, including the earthquake podcast Great and Misha Euceph Tell them I am.

This is the first major initiative from former Nickelodeon chairman Herb Scannell, who joined SCPR as chairman and CEO earlier this year. Bromstad, who has been named senior advisor to LAist Studios, will oversee its first development slate. She was previously president of Primetime Entertainment for NBC and Universal Television Studios, working on titles such as 30 Rock, The Office and Friday night lights.

The company aims to produce three types of podcasts: stories inspired by LA, factual and fictional narrative shows inspired by Southern California, and stories rooted in SCPR’s own journalism. He called for pitches from the creative community. LAist Studios is aided by listener support and donations from SCPR, including a $1.5 million donation from former SCPR Chairman Gordon Crawford and his wife Dona.

“With LAist Studios, we are committed to telling stories that go beyond the surface to reflect Los Angeles’ rich cultural landscape, embrace the city’s unparalleled eye for diversity and inclusion, and showcase the iconic determination and restlessness of Angelenos,” Scannel said. “Los Angeles is the American city of the next 20 years, and we want to take advantage of it to champion its forward-thinking mentality.”

“This year we found success with podcasts like Great and Tell them I am – both of which had a unique LA tone, but appealed to a broad national and international audience, showing that the issues that matter to Angelenos matter everywhere and that the fascination with LA-centric stories is universal,” Kristen added. Muller, Chief Content Officer SCPR. “Future projects will do the same, encompassing individuals and stories that are reshaping and redefining what it means to be American. We want to hear from them and collaborate with them to provide the resources that will help bring their ideas to life.”


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