, member of the Antenna group, hosts the Ouzo Talk podcast


SYDNEY – The Sydney-based podcast for the Greek diaspora, Ouzo Talk, will join, the radio and podcasting arm of Antenna Group, to become the first all-English program hosted on the Greek platform.

Created and presented by Greek-Australians Tom Skolarikis and Nick Athanassiou, Ouzo Talk will now bring its content to the platform’s more than 9 million weekly listeners alongside some 36 podcast series and radio programs set in Greek.

The proud duo announced the partnership on the latest episode of the Ouzo Talk podcast with actor and comedian Angelo Tsarouchas.

Since launching in September 2020, Ouzo Talk has been listened to in over 60 countries across all major podcast streaming services to establish itself as a leading voice for the diaspora.

For Skolarikis and Athanassiou, this decision makes sense given the high number of Greeks living outside Greece. “With Antenna Music and, we want to help connect the Greek Diaspora in a language they understand. We are truly thrilled to partner with such an amazing Greek organization that has already done so much to help connect Greeks from the diaspora over the years,” Skolarikis said.

Natalia Kappa, Head of Content at Soundis, is thrilled to join Ouzo Talk and expand the platform’s offering to English-speaking audiences. “Antenna Group has always had a strong connection with Greeks living abroad with offerings such as Ant1 Pacific, Ant1 Satellite and Ant1 Europe TV channels,” Kappa said. “It’s no secret that Greeks are all over the world, and Ouzo Talk is a great example of the kind of passion that exists for our culture and our country. We’re proud to support Nick and Tom and look forward to what’s to come.

Soundis is the result of a partnership between Antenna Music and Bauer Media Audio – the leading radio group in Europe. “Our mission is to create a complete listening experience, satisfying the need for radio, music and podcast content through the ultimate audio experience, while welcoming more and more users with new content every week,” said Kappa.

Originally created as a source of escape from the monotony of lockdown – Ouzo Talk has now become an important podcast for diaspora Greeks, with Skolarikis and Athanassiou bringing Ouzo-fueled conversations from cafes across the Greek world, to the ears of listeners. Discussing everything from music, history and culture to science, philosophy, travel and everything in between, the duo also speak to some of the biggest and most successful figures in the diaspora. including Tsarouchas, actress and comedian Mary Coustas, host of My Greek Odyssey Peter Maneas and famed bandleader and composer George Ellis.

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