SiriusXM launches Mad Dog’s Daily Bite podcast


MLB is one of the few sports in America with a fan base that is getting older by the day. With an average league fanbase of 57, guys like Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien have made an impression on the sport’s young fans via social media.

A former videographer, O’Brien’s “Jomby Media” company signed a major sponsorship deal with SeatGeek, the online ticket provider that helps fans find the cheapest ticket prices on Tuesdays. The company has partnered with a number of new media operations, including Pat McAfee and countless other sports YouTubers.

By speaking with Joe Pompliano for his Huddle SubStack newsletter, O’Brien said the company has been behind him from the start and mentioned SeatGeek’s long track record of working with new media entities that challenge some of the big, traditional media companies to engage.

“SeatGeek has supported me since the very beginning, even before Jomboy Media became what we are today,” said Jimmy O’Brien aka Jomboy, Founder of Jomboy Media. “The company has a long history of working with new media entities and has a knack for understanding not only what it takes to succeed in the industry, but also how to tap into the minds of today’s consumers. the [media] The landscape is changing, and SeatGeek knows how to grow with fans using smart, forward-thinking collaborative approaches.

The partnership makes sense globally given SeatGeek’s reach among younger generations. The number of Gen Z customers buying tickets from SeatGeek accounts for more than a quarter of their total customer base at 36% compared to Ticketmaster, which takes just 18% of buyers who fall into this category.

Prior to the success, O’Brien, 33, was a videographer in California, mostly for weddings, while also making a few YouTube videos on the side with his friends. In an effort to connect with Yankees fans, Jomboy began live-tweeting and providing video recaps.

At the time, O’Brien was 28 and not making a profit from the content he produced.

However, through hard work and determination, Jimmy eventually reached 1,000 Twitter followers and convinced childhood friend Jake Storiale to start a podcast with him called “Talkin’ Yanks.”

As the podcast grew organically, Jimmy and Jake garnered even more attention for their show by creating these short videos titled “Baseball Breakdowns”, which included breakdowns such as Aaron Boone’s infamous 2019 ejection. when he left a game after arguing with the referee. and dig up footage from the game that an opposing pitcher accused the Houston Astros of hitting on trash cans to let batters know about upcoming pitches.

While these videos have helped the business and the show immensely, a friend of O’Brien’s saw the podcast resonating with people and offered him a $25,000 investment in early 2018. This initial investment has then led to a $1 million investment from an MLB group. players and media personalities last year.

The company now has around fifty employees and has just opened an office in New York. Jomboy Media has also proven to be very profitable, making $6-7 million in revenue last year.

Looks like Jombo/y is here to stay and I guess they will eventually branch out into other sports as they continue their meteoric rise in the world of sports media.


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