SickBird wants to bring more TikTok creators to podcasting. | Daily News Podcast


SickBird Productions, the digital production company that has partnered with platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook to create content, has launched a TikTok creator incubator to test how their audience responds to longer form content. The content will not be on TikTok but rather on podcasts, as it brings some users of the video platform to audio creation.

As part of the incubator program, SickBird will identify emerging talent with highly engaged subscribers and provide them with the opportunity to develop and publish original podcasts and digital series. Hosts who switch to podcasts will get more than just a wider reach. SickBird says the talent will also have shared ownership of the podcast’s intellectual property.

The launch of this incubator launch is made up of three original SickBird podcasts. Petty Crimes is co-hosted by comedian Ceara O’Sullivan, who has around 500,000 followers on TikTok, and actor-model Griff Stark-Ennis. It’s both comedy and true crime.

Another podcast is called Rebranding, hosted by Daniel Bennett who has around 450,000 followers on TikTok. On Rebranding, Bennett invites a revolving door of influencers to discuss what it means to have a following on the internet and how we “brand” ourselves to others.

A third podcast, titled Rich Friends, will debut later this year. It is hosted by SickBird founder Jade Watson. The 26-year-old executive talks about her journey in building her content creation company on the show.

“In the past year alone, SickBird has more than tripled in size and reach. Looking at the audio industry, a growing space with hundreds of millions of global listeners per year, it makes sense that SickBird would expand into podcasting next,” Watson said. “We know we will need to be creative to gain market share in the crowded audio space. Our Creator Incubator Program will offer the best production and technical services to enable our partners to pitch and record their unique vision as easily as possible.

In addition to SickBird’s original podcasts, the company produces content for major partners such as The Shade Room, Doing Things Media, Snapchat Discover, and Stampede Ventures.


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