Samsung turns to Gracenote technology to offer better podcast recommendations. | Daily News Podcast


Samsung Electronics is taking steps to help make podcasting more appealing to users of its mobile and tablet devices. It has signed a deal with Nielsen’s Gracenote to power the Samsung Podcasts offering available through the manufacturer’s Samsung Free app. Samsung says the integration will allow it to create a “highly personalized” podcast experience that will better engage users.

Gracenote, the provider of entertainment metadata, content IDs and related offerings, launched Audio On Demand in 2020 to standardize and extend the data used to inform search and discovery of podcast content on digital entertainment platforms and devices. Gracenote says it now has one of the largest podcast datasets in the world, spanning over two million unique podcast series and 80 million episodes. Its technology also leverages Gracenote’s expertise in content metadata and content identifiers that power advanced navigation and media linking, tying audio and video programming together.

The Samsung Free app is available on Samsung devices in the US and Europe. The deployment of Gracenote Audio On Demand will enable market-specific playlist capabilities and provide more locally relevant podcast recommendation results. The companies also say it will allow for more personalized podcast recommendations that better match listeners’ preferences, tastes and moods. Samsung expects it to be easier for device users to find the content they love based on their tastes and preferences, increasing their engagement with their devices, as well as user satisfaction .

“Podcast content-driven user experiences represent the next big opportunity for device makers and entertainment services to drive audience engagement,” said Simon Adams, chief product officer at Gracenote. “We are confident that by integrating Gracenote Audio On Demand, Samsung will optimize podcast recommendations and discovery across their devices and apps, allowing users to make the most of the ever-increasing amount of time spent with podcast content.

Gracenote Audio On Demand offers standardized podcast titles, descriptions, and images, making it easy to find hosts and guests. Each podcast is also given a popularity score to help surface the most popular content. Machine learning algorithms are primarily behind what Gracenote Audio On Demand offers. But when it launches, Gracenote said an editorial team will also be used to apply detailed category classification to series and podcast episodes to make it easier for consumers to find specific topics that interest them.

In their joint announcement, Samsung and Gracenote said they will work closely together to enhance the discovery experience for listeners of Samsung Podcasts, which is available on Samsung Free along with live TV, news, games and entertainment. other content.

According to Nielsen, consumption of podcasts has increased by 40% since 2018 in the United States. With a growing interest in podcasts and an ever-expanding universe of content available, it is said that connecting consumers seamlessly to the podcast shows and episodes that interest them leads to better discovery of new content.

Nielsen bought Gracenote for $560 million in 2016.

Beyond Samsung, Nielsen said he has other customers in the digital media and automotive industries who already use Gracenote Audio On Demand, but he declined to disclose the names.


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