Pupils get creative as they launch a radio and podcast studio at Kinsale Community School


Podcasts have become an extremely popular way to get news through a more relaxed and laid-back medium over the past few years.

Kinsale Community School has tapped into this new wave of podcast and radio listeners, recently launching its ‘Voice of KCS’ radio and podcast studio.

It is hoped that the studio will provide students from across the school with a unique chance to get involved in creating content for podcasts and radio, as well as improving student voice within the school community.

Dr Domnall Fleming officially opened the digital hub with Head Boy Louis Allman

The principal, Mr. Fergal McCarthy, said: “It is the voice of the students that determines what we put in place.

“When you browse our school, the school options are determined for you.

“It is the student voice that has sought out the best sports facilities we could have, that determines our subjects, that seeks the inclusion of children with autism in our school, and that welcomes children with moderate learning difficulties into our school.

“This Digital Media Hub is an important piece of infrastructure that allows every student voice to be recorded.”

The studio is completely soundproofed
The studio is completely soundproofed

The soundproof studio, designed and built by school caretakers Mr. Brendan Barry and Mr. Eoin Wright, contains state-of-the-art recording equipment that would rival any professional recording studio.

The school has also introduced a TY audio module which has so far trained approx. 100 students in pre-production, performance and sound editing techniques.

It gave them the skills they need to create and grow podcasts.

The Student Council also participated in an intensive one-day session on podcasting.

Mr Michael O’Shea, teacher, said that “the aim of the module is to equip students with the skills they need to explore the topics and issues that interest them.

“The audio module is an opportunity to highlight the unique and varied nature of the voices of students at Kinsale Community School.”

The school has already produced and released their first podcast and it’s well worth a listen.


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