Protesters call podcast studio racist, demand it be removed from cultural center


NIAGARA FALLS, NY (WKBW) – Protesters outside the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center in Niagara Falls are demanding change. Their anger is directed at this podcasting studio, Yowawa Media Services. It is owned by Peter Green. Protesters say Green allows white supremacists to use his studio to broadcast hate speech.

“They have nothing to do inside a place where artists reside. It’s dangerous and they have nothing to do in our community, ”said Jennifer Page, one of the protest organizers.

“White supremacy is not an art. Homophobia is not an art. And transphobia is not an art. Harassing members of this community because you don’t agree with them is not an art and it has no place inside our cultural center, ”said Julia Stevens.

Stevens and Page created a petition demanding that the NACC remove Yowawa from the building for violating their core values.

“We have the Proud Boys in western New York. It’s a huge problem, and this place provides a platform for white supremacy, ”Page added.

Green does not agree.

“They are spreading an unpopular opinion and that is freedom of speech. They don’t spread hate, ”Green said.

Yowawa hosts a New York Watchmen program. Green says it is a local and peaceful organization, unrelated to the Mississippi Guards who are on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of anti-government organizations.

“I went to one of their first meetings,” Green said. “I wanted to know what it was about. They are not white supremacists. They are not racists. “

Protesters say the NACC held a meeting on Wednesday to determine whether the podcast studio can remain in the building. The CNLA did not respond to our requests for clarification or comment. Green was not aware of any meeting.

“They can get whatever message they want from their basement, but not inside our cultural center,” Stevens said.

Green says he’s not worried about being asked to leave, but will continue to work with his current shows.

“A cultural center like this, an art center, is freedom of expression. People don’t come here and are not preached, ”Green said.

“Freedom of expression should not involve hate speech,” Page said.


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