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Meacham has partnered with Cadence13 to create Shining City Audio, a podcast studio that will begin by producing two landmark shows titled “Fate of Fact” and “History is Us.”

Screenshot of Professor Jon Meacham from HBO. (Warner Media)

Professor Jon MeachamCarolyn T. and Robert M. Rogers Chair of the U.S. Presidency at Vanderbilt, joined Cadence13 to launch Shining City Audio, a podcast studio that will produce a series of story-driven shows. Meacham will serve as an executive producer for the venture.

According to Meacham, podcasts are an “engaging way to tell stories”, relating to her experience as a author. He added that he plans to use Shining City Audio to raise more voices around historical events.

“We need a historical perspective so badly that I want to use every means possible to give people another perspective on what is happening right now,” Meacham said in an email to The Hustler.

Meacham has previously worked with Cadence13 to create two story-driven shows: “Hope, through history” and “It has been said‘. Through DeadlineShining City Audio will begin by producing two new podcasts, “Fate of Fact” and “History is Us.”

“Fate of Fact,” written by Meacham, airs April 28 on all streaming platforms. The first season will consist of five episodes, with one airing every Wednesday until May 26. The series will focus on the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

“[The series] will be explore the question of how fear conquered truth, history and the origins of misinformation and disinformation’s strong hold on our politics, and how we got here today,” Cadence13 said.

“History is us” the second podcast produced by the studio, will be written and narrated by Dr. Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., chair of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University.

“[‘History is Us’ will] explore how American history, so indelibly shaped by race, haunts us, and how our past failures—and our refusal to admit them—continue to shape how we live our lives today,” Cadence13 said.

Shining City Audio will also expand “It Was Said” to explore important sports-related discourses. This part of the series will be narrated by Doc Rivers, former NBA player and current coach for the Philadelphia 76ers.


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