Podchaser launches Podcast Ranker ‘Podchaser 25.’ | Daily News Podcast


Need a new podcast? Podchaser’s new and rising podcast ranking, the “Podchaser 25”, can help. Launched today (February 7), the Podcast Rankings provide an overview of the top 25 promising podcasts from data partnerships with top listening apps.

“Podchaser’s mission is to connect the fractured podcasting ecosystem with a shared data set,” Podchaser CEO Bradley Davis said in a statement. “This aggregation allows us to unearth great content across all podcasts, as shown by Podchaser 25.”

Podchaser monitors listener behavior for all podcasts – including independent shows – to provide industry insight. As a result, the Podchaser 25 will help discover more new shows and enable additional business opportunities, advertising and cross-promotion for each podcast.

The Podchaser 25 measures the trends and popularity of recently released podcasts. The top 25 is determined by Podchaser’s Power Score, a metric ranging from 1-100 based on over 30 unique data points, including audience size, subscribers, read rates, and cross-platform influence. over time.

A new Podchaser 25 list will be released in the middle of each calendar month. A complete list of the first Podchaser 25 is available HERE.


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