Podcasters are missing out on a promotional opportunity on TikTok, analysis suggests. | Daily News Podcast


Rephonic, the podcast database that helps brands and ad agencies increase ROI through podcast appearances, looked at where shows can make the most of time and effort. He concluded that producers should put more emphasis on TikTok to promote their show and get back on Twitter.

Rephonic looked at the 1.2 million social media accounts created by podcasters on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter and found that Instagram is the most common channel among podcasts launched in the last six months, while there are still relatively few TikTok accounts created by podcasters. Rephonic says Twitter is “significantly overrepresented” in all podcasts based on what it says is the social network’s relatively small user base. TikTok accounts have – by far – the highest average number of followers.

“When we compare our subscriber and follower data to the global user base for each social network, it quickly becomes clear that Twitter is significantly over-indexed by podcasters,” Rephonic says in a blog post. “But given that it was the most downloaded app of 2021, it’s surprising that TikTok came bottom of the pile. It seems like a missed opportunity,” says Rephonic.

Rephonic says it looked at the average number of subscribers or subscribers to podcast accounts across different channels and found that TikTok “comes out on top and above the rest” with Facebook lagging far behind. Instagram and Twitter accounts have the lowest average number of followers.

“With very few accounts, a high average follower count, and a rapidly growing user base, we believe TikTok is massively undervalued by podcasters,” the company says.

Rephonic noted that not all podcasts are the same, and the demographics of a specific show could be a primary factor in which social media is best for promoting a show. Older news podcasts, for example, may be promoted better on Facebook than on TikTok.


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