Podcaster Zibby Owens launches the Zcast network with the help of Acast. | Daily News Podcast


Podcaster and author Zibby Owens has started her own podcast production company and network called Zcast, which she says will be powered by Acast. The portfolio will include shows that, according to its creator, are “designed to enrich, inspire and enhance the lives of listeners, intelligently and with a sense of humor”.

Zcast productions include Owen’s own hit literary podcast, Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books. The show has been downloaded millions of times. Zcast also includes Owen’s other podcast, SexTok with Zibby and Tracey, which she co-hosts with international sex expert and author Tracey Cox. Owens is also launching a third podcast titled Who Wants to Be a Podcaster?, which will be produced by Morning Moon, an independent production company run by her husband, Kyle Owens.

When Zcast launches, two other shows that will be part of the Zcast network include Quit Your Day Job. The show is hosted by CEO and mom of twins Alisha Fernandez Miranda, who decided at 40 to embark on a series of internships so she could finally stop wondering what careers might have been. The podcast will include conversations with notables who shifted gears in their mid-life professional lives.

School librarian and author Julie Chavez is the host of another podcast joining the Zcast network. Called Ask a Librarian, it will feature librarians, library-loving authors, and other library-adjacent icons in conversation with Chavez.

“I couldn’t be more excited about these shows,” Owens said. “They represent exactly what I’m trying to bring to the podcast listener with the Zcast network: innovative, smart shows that get people thinking, inspire them to improve their lives, and truly connect with others. Alisha and Julie both have dynamic, engaging, and warm personalities that will absolutely shine in this medium.

Owens says Zcast will provide consulting, logo design, branding, sound editing and production services to several new shows each year, with revenue shared from ad sales. Zcast will primarily commission its own podcasts, but will also accept limited idea submissions. In addition to Owens, Zcast has hired Chelsea Grogan as lead podcast producer.

Acast will distribute the Zcast podcasts. It will also handle podcast monetization, allowing brands to access Zcast’s audience through ads, sponsorships, and sophisticated brand integrations.

“The fact that Zibby’s programming has resonated with so many people shows how important the podcast medium is for literary discussion and storytelling. Through Zcast, Zibby found a way to bring a speaker to the neighborhood book club,” said Sara Sopher, Associate Partner Manager at Acast. “We love having Zibby as a partner and look forward to bringing the network to podcast audiences everywhere.”


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