Podcast Studio Parcast syndicates with WGA East


Employees of Los Angeles-based podcast studio Parcast voted to join the Writers Guild of America, East on Sept. 2, making Parcast the third Spotify-owned podcast team to unionize.

Parcast was founded in 2016 in Woodland Hills by Max Cutler, owner of Cutler Media, and is now based in downtown Los Angeles. Spotify bought the company for around $103 million in March 2019, according to funding tracker PitchBook Data Inc. Spotify now owns three subsidiary studios represented by WGA East, including Gimlet Media and Bill Simmons’ The Ringer.

In one tweet wednesday morning the Parcast Union said: “Delighted to stand alongside our sister networks @RingerUnion (and) @GimletUnion. Thank you for leading the way in the digital media podcasting space.

Writers Guild of America, East executive director Lowell Peterson said in a statement that the organization is “thrilled” to have Parcast join the guild.

“Podcasting has grown tremendously and the people who work in this medium deserve workplace protections and a voice at work. By joining the WGAE and bargaining collectively, these talented individuals will join a growing community of creative professionals dedicated to podcasting. improving their rights at work and in their work.

Parcast staff listed several reasons for unionizing in a letter posted on Parcast Union’s newly created Twitter account – among them renegotiation of contracts with Spotify and “reasonable” workloads and overtime.

Parcast’s lineup of original shows is generally in the true crime genre – it has several hosted by Ashley Flowers, including “Supernatural” and the recent “Very Presidential With Ashley Flowers”, which examines little-known facts about historic presidencies. . .

Read the full ParcastWhy we organize» letter below.


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