Podcast Showcase: Mindfulness Minute


Welcome to the next in the Podcast Showcase series, where we share podcasts with you in the words of the podcasters themselves. This time we are talking about The Mindful Minute.

Summarize your podcast in three sentences

The Mindful Minute Podcast is a bi-weekly show that offers an inspirational talk and 20-minute guided meditation focused on how to live our lives more mindfully, easily, and happily. My goal is to introduce meditation in a way that is accessible to everyone. The show uses nature, literature, art, and pop culture to connect traditional teachings of meditation to our modern day lives.

Who is your ideal listener? Who likes your show?

Podcast Showcase: Mindfulness Minute

My listeners tend to be people who are looking for a little more in their life – more time, more energy, more joy, more awakening, more connection… The Mindful Minute is for people who want integrating meditation into their daily life, and also not planning to do a 3 month retreat somewhere.

Parents, business owners, anyone juggling too much to do and not enough time – this show is for you.

What prompted you to start this podcast?

One of my personal goals is to share the practice of meditation with as many people as humanly possible. This podcast is a recording of my weekly live meditation class, so the show allows me to share meditation with more people, more often!

What did you learn about your topic from this podcast?

One of my favorite things about The Mindful Minute podcast has been the emails I get from listeners. Over the past five years, I’ve learned a lot about the main obstacles to meditation, the most tangible and accessible benefits, and the tricks that work most often.

It has helped me focus on the meditation teachings that matter most.

What has your podcasting experience been like? What do you like/hate about the process?

I loved every second of podcasting. It’s amazing to feel a sense of connection with people all over the world. I put out two shows a week every week for five years, and I find joy in every episode. I talk about what I love and I connect with people. There is no downside to this!

If someone wants to start listening to your podcast, what episode would you recommend them to start with? Why?

Oh that’s such a difficult question! My goal is to make each episode useful and accessible so that anyone can start meditating at any time. If I had to choose, I’d probably recommend you start with my 3-part Begin Again series which offers a great overview of the fundamentals of meditation. You can listen to this series here.

What other podcasts do you like to listen to?

Oh, I love so many podcasts, and I’m so happy to share some of my favorites:

  • The Cryptonaturalist
  • to be
  • Radio Lab
  • Unrelated Judaism
  • Nature with Chris Morgan
  • This earth
  • ten percent happier

If people want to find you online, where can they do it?

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