Podcast News: Isibella Karnstein “The hourglass with Isibella”


Isibella Karnstein is known worldwide as the founder of The Chateau – Cat Girl Magazine.

LeChâteau.org is the very first online magazine dedicated to catgirls and the kitten lifestyle. It was founded by our Château Madame Isibella Karnstein.

Isabella’s latest adventure is the amazing new podcast “The Hourglass with Isibella” available on Spotify. The show encompasses mysteries, esotericism, occultism, history, the paranormal and more.

“The Hourglass with Isibella” is a free-form podcast with over 60 episodes on a variety of interesting topics.

Past shows include The Subjects of Harassment, Dexter the TV Series, The Haunting of Hill House, Ghost Hunting, Vampires, The Curse of Oak Island, Dr. Who, The Magic Castle and many more. Each episode tackles a new topic and Isibella is an amazing host.

Listen to “The Hourglass with Isibella” on Spotify here:

and on Apple Podcasts here:


The Chateau’s official website can be found at http://www.thechateau.org

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