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…The boston globe and Marvellous the co-production Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc. is being developed into a television series for FX. The cable network says this will be the first episode of the new American Sports Story series which is part of the producer ryan murphyof the American Story franchise. The podcast released in 2018 told the story of football star Aaron Hernandez, who went from Super Bowl bright lights to convicted murderer in just a few years. It also examines whether brain damage or secrets about his sexuality that collided with a hyper-masculine football culture led to his crime or death by suicide. FX has yet to set an air date for the TV series.

… The number of podcasters hosting live events continues to grow. from the wolf’s ear Conan O’Brien needs a friend is among them. He announced that he will be recording his first-ever live shows at several events this fall. It will begin with a live taping in Los Angeles on November 3. It will feature O’Brien and co-hosts Matt Gourley and Sona Movsesian and have yet to be named special guests. Deadline reports that subscribers to its Team Coco newsletter will have an exclusive one-day window for tickets. Four-year-old Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend averages more than nine million downloads per month.

…Listeners consume podcasts on their phones, so why can’t a creator produce their show on one? The podcast production company resonate rolled out an iPhone application that will facilitate

for podcasters to produce and publish their shows on the go. “Podcast in the car, at the park or at the airport,” he boasts in the ad. Resonate says the app will record interviews remotely — with up to 10 participants — then edit, upload and publish their show with Resonate’s hosting service.

…The platform for discovering and listening to podcasts Moon Beam now offers ratings and reviews of shows using information pulled from podcaster. “The inclusion of Podchaser ratings and reviews will allow Moonbeam users to discover exciting new shows based on user feedback while simultaneously building a community around podcast listeners and establishing industry trendsetters. “, he says in the announcement. The two companies also plan to work more closely on other features, calling the ratings and reviews “just the start of integrations” with other new joint projects on the horizon.

Podcast One acquired the sales and distribution rights for B-realit is Dr Greenthumb Podcast. The deal also includes the rights to sell the show in its vodcast form. Created by B-Real, founding member of hip-hop group Cypress Hill, Dr. Greenthumb offers cannabis lovers what PodcastOne says are some of the “most unique and compelling” perspectives on cannabis. Broadcast live from B-Real’s state-of-the-art recording and podcasting studio in Los Angeles, Dr. Greenthumbla launched in January 2020 as one of the very first vodcasts. He has released over 300 episodes to date.

…Actress Gabourey Sidibe (Precious, Empire) has signed on to star in KingdomThe next thriller from If I Go Missing the Witches Did It. The story is about what happens when a black writer goes missing and a white podcast host with a savior complex takes up the cause of his search. Sidibe will play alongside the actress Sarah Natochenny (Pokemon). “I’m so excited to be working with Realm on my first fictional podcast role! I was excited about this show as soon as I read Pia Wilson’s writings,” Sidibe told Deadline. “It’s really relatable and hilarious. After amassing a large library of shows that I listen to, I’m thrilled to now be part of the library of other people who like to get lost in a good story. The nine-episode series is set to debut on September 26.


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