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…Things are back to normal after an outage that left podcasts hosted by megaphone inaccessible for eight hours on Monday and Tuesday was reportedly caused by what amounts to a clerical error. The Verge reports that Spotify failed to renew Megaphone’s SSL certificate – the code on a web server that keeps online communications secure. It’s the “S” of HTTPS. “During the outage, customers were unable to access the Megaphone CMS and podcast listeners were unable to download podcast episodes from publishers hosted by Megaphone. Megaphone service has since been restored,” said a representing.

…The The American army is using podcasting to reach young recruits as part of its latest “Know Your Army” campaign. After a survey found many Gen Zers had misconceptions about serving in the military, the goal of the ad effort is to educate today’s youth about the wealth of military benefits that can help them achieve their personal and professional goals. “The Army has what Gen Z is looking for in an employer — they just don’t know it yet,” said Maj. Gen. Alex Fink, the Army’s chief corporate marketing officer. In addition to podcast ads, the Army buys TV and online ads, including Reddit, Google Discovery, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A casting hired Dimana Zahariev as the Programmatic Automation Manager for the UK and Irish markets. Bulgarian-born Zaharieva joins the team with a background in technology, most recently as head of digital ad operations at Wavemaker. “My experience will help us collaborate on new creative projects and ideas, ensuring that we’ll keep Acast at the forefront of podcasting for many years to come,” she said. Programmatic was the fastest growing ad buying channel for Acast in 2021. And a recent Acast survey found that 60% of marketers believe it will become even more relevant in the coming years.

SquadCast, the cloud recording studio platform, announces that it will launch version 5 of its platform in the coming weeks. Community Manager Arielle Nissenblatt writes in a blog post that it is in the “final stages of beta” and that they are on track to launch this month. Nissenblatt announces that the new version will include more collaboration tools between podcast creators. “We know we’re not the only ones working on multiple podcasts and collaborating with many different people on each,” she wrote. There will also be a refresh to the look, including a revamped logo and a streamlining of its pricing structure.

…The Fictional Podcast App Apollo will be rolling out several new features focused on improving the listening experience over the coming months. They include a redesigned audio player and a listening queue system. “The new queue system allows listeners to create a playlist for the occasion of the day, hit play, and never have to touch the app again,” he says in a post. blog post. There will also be a new mini-player. Plus, a design for its backend systems that Apollo says lays the groundwork for more ambitious updates later this year. “We’ll be releasing an all-new library system, allowing users to create smart playlists that automatically update based on user-chosen criteria,” it says.

Blubrry announced that it now offers annual billing for podcast hosting. Previously, it only offered monthly billing, and with the new option, Blubrry is offering discounts of around ten percent to podcasters who sign up for a full year. “We’ve worked directly with many clients over the years to provide this on a one-to-one basis, and have experienced a slew of reasons why podcasters find it useful,” he says in the announcement.


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