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Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai says audio giftsa whole other layer of opportunities” for parent Google Podcast and YouTube to help creators monetize their content. “We’re seeing tremendous traction on YouTube in new areas, whether it’s podcasts, games, learning, sports. And so in all of those areas, we’re kind of going to take a look vertical and see how we can better support creators,” he told analysts on the company’s quarterly earnings call on Tuesday. Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki said last month that podcasting would be a top priority for his division in 2022. “As podcasting usage continues to grow, we expect it to become an integral part of the creator economy” , she said.

Goal 17 MediaThe Lead With We podcast is now available on United Airlines flights. The show, hosted by the CEO of We First Simon Mainware, tells how brands are surviving crises, thriving in rapidly changing markets and accelerating their growth in a difficult future. “The more you travel, the more you appreciate the challenges we face and the positive impact businesses can have. That’s why we’re thrilled the Lead With We podcast is now available for domestic travelers on United,” said said Mainwaring on the new Partnership.

Edison Research will release its annual Super Listeners study on February 16. The report, produced with Ad Results Media, examines those who spend five or more hours a week listening to podcasts, providing insight into their attitudes towards podcast advertising and how they view podcasting in the broader media landscape. This year’s report will examine topics such as super listeners’ views on the number of ads in podcasts and the length of commercial breaks, attitudes towards host-read vs. pre-recorded ads, and the impact of podcast advertising on purchase intent. Register for the webinar HERE.

The latest audio drama coming to podcast via Audible has a release date. It indicates that Impact Winter will debut on February 17. Produced in partnership with Skybound Entertainment and Anonymous content, the series created by Travis Beacham is a post-apocalyptic drama. The cast includes Himesh Patel (Don’t Look Up, Yesterday, Tenet), Holliday Grainger (The Borgias, My Cousin Rachel), David Gyasi (Interstellar, Panic), Esme Creed-Miles (Hanna), Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones ), Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones), Caroline Ford (Carnival Row), Chloe Pirrie (The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown), Indira Varma (Carnival Row, Games of Thrones), Freddy Carter (Shadow and Bone, Pennyworth) and a overall distribution. Skybound and Anonymous Content serve as co-studios on the project which is co-produced in collaboration with Cliff Roberts (The Midnight Sky). The show will be available only on Audible.

A casting took over the distribution and sale of advertisements for Scandinavia’s largest interview and business podcast. the Alexandre Parleros– show Framgångspodden (or The Success Podcast in English) has more than two million monthly listeners. It features interviews with celebrities and business personalities. Now in its seventh year, in 2022, Pärleros aims to innovate by developing and strengthening its format with a wider range of Nordic and international guests, new segments and more creative brand collaborations – including branded episodes – in order to attract an even wider audience. Acast notes that with the signing, it now hosts the majority of podcasts that make it to the top ten commercial podcasts list in its home country of Sweden, according to Poddindex, beating out fellow Swede, Spotify.


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