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Spotify faces a new hacking puzzle, this time on video. Fast Company reports that some Spotify users are posting full movies using the app’s video podcast tool. Films such as Mean Girls and Pinocchio would be among the available titles. The problem emerged after some hackers posted how-to videos on TikTok. Fast Company says several items that appear as podcasts actually link to pirated movie websites. Some videos have been removed, and a company representative said it removes any content that infringes third-party rights as soon as Spotify is notified.

…The BBC has lost two more of its main personalities and this time it’s impacting one of its biggest podcasts. Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are leaving the popular podcast Happily at the end of the year. They are joining Times Radio, the audio division of the UK news company, where they will launch a new podcast and radio show. Fi and Garvey will also host a new radio show. No new hosts have been announced for the five-year-old series Lucky, which has released nearly 250 episodes to date with more than 30 million downloads. “I think they could have done a little more to celebrate it,” Garvey told The Sunday Times. The BBC said Lucky was the third most downloaded podcast on BBC Sounds last year. The series features behind-the-scenes stories with radio, television and podcast hosts.

LWC Studios Marketing Manager Manuela Bedoya leaves the studio which is largely focused on producing content by Hispanic creators. She had been with LWC since January 2021 as a self-described podcast newbie. “I started out as a fan of Latina To Latina. I never missed an episode (still haven’t!). So I decided to write on the show. I wanted to be a part of it. It’s the power of podcasts,” Bedoya wrote in a Posting on Twitter announcing its release.

Vox media today released the first episode of On with Kara Swisher, the new series created by the veteran journalist. The show will cover tech, business and political news with key personalities. With new episodes airing Mondays and Thursdays, the show’s guests this week are former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Swisher will also continue to co-host the technology and business podcast Pivot with New York University marketing professor Scott Galloway. Swisher announced in June that she was leaving The New York Times for an expanded relationship with Vox Media.


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