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Apple podcast makes a change for its Mac users. The latest software launched in beta this month in a series of drops includes a new setting that, if enabled, would limit the number of podcast episodes loaded onto a desktop. It would do this by automatically deleting older episodes. The macOS Monterey 12.4 beta is not yet public. It is being released for developers and beta users.

The Economist says its daily news podcast The Intelligence now averages 350,000 downloads per episode and has had 400 million total downloads since its debut in January 2019. The UK-based site tells Adweek that in Overall, the company’s five-podcast portfolio has had more than a billion downloads since entering the audio business in 2016. And revenue grew 30% in 2021, with podcast revenue accounting for approximately 11% of the company’s total ad revenue. The Economist’s podcast director John Prideaux told Adweek they are currently hiring more staff with plans to launch a long-running storytelling series in September.

….Amazon Music takes its podcast business internationally. It launched the service in Argentina, and alongside the 90 million songs and playlists, Amazon Music will also offer its Amazon Original podcasts. It says Amazon Original shows produced exclusively for Amazon Music in Spanish in Argentina will also launch in the coming months. The streamer also offers podcasts from partners such as COPESA, RDF Media, Radio Cooperativa, National Geographic, Sonoro and TED in Argentina. Amazon Music subscriptions cost around $2.50 per month in Argentina.

…The Podcast Studio SALT greenlighted a new show with Repairers of the Breach, the nonprofit run by Reverend William Barber. The as-yet-untitled podcast will feature Barber interviewing musicians and discussing the songs that have played a vital role in the movement for freedom and justice. It is hosted by Yara Allen, musicologist and social justice leader. Currently in production, each episode will feature a musician who will share a song that shaped a movement for them as they break down the anatomy of their selection. The podcast will also feature emerging artists, which SALT says offers listeners a tool to discover new musicians and a community to drive cultural conversations.

“One of the most important questions we ask ourselves at SALT before forming a partnership is whether we firmly believe that something should exist in the world and if it can have a positive impact,” said the vice-president. President. Kenzi Wilbur. “This show answers both questions with a resounding yes.”


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