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… The all-new LX 600 isn’t just hitting dealer showrooms, it’s also on its way to podcasts. Lexus says the audio is part of its multimedia marketing plan as it aims to hit “high-ready high yields” for its flagship SUV with a sticker price that starts at $88,245. Lexus says it will run ads on the Bloomberg– produced podcasts broadcast via the iHeartPodcast Network. “Lexus will surround engaging content and provide audiences with the latest news, technology and business through integrated pre-, mid- and post-roll host-reading spots,” the automaker said. The theme of the advertising campaign is “No Moment Too Big”.

Wondermind is a new fitness company launched by the singer-actress Selena Gomez with co-CEOs Mandy Teefey and Daniella Pierson. As part of its daily editorial content, Wondermind will launch a weekly podcast and audio experience called MindHit. It will feature interviews with psychiatrists, athletes and celebrities. As part of the podcast network, a second podcast will be launched featuring conversations with founders and business leaders about their mental fitness and mindset. “”Wondermind continues a larger conversation about mental health that has begun for so many people during this pandemic,” Gomez said. Wondermind will eventually become a multimedia brand producing original television and film content.

Anchor announced the addition of several new languages ​​to its platform to help podcast creators around the world use their native language. The new languages ​​include some of the largest for global podcasting, such as Spanish, Portuguese, German, Indonesian and Chinese. Additions bring Anchor’s total number of languages ​​to 35, he said in the ad.

Blubrry updated its podcast stats page. Users can now find audience survey results in the same place they find other data. It added a new “Audience” tab that will present the results with new charts and graphs to display the types of listeners consuming the show. “Giving our podcasters a visual representation of the data we collect, in a way that they can quickly understand and use to make informed decisions about their content, is our primary goal,” said CEO Todd Cochrane. In a blog post, Blubrry says the data can be used to help producers focus their efforts with more organized content and work better to suit the habits, lifestyle and preferences of your listeners. It can also help you make strategic marketing decisions, such as connecting more with your younger Gen Z audience and their interests.

…The Acast network of creators adds Nova Scotia-based political satirical series Canadian politics is boring to its range. Acast will now handle program distribution and ad sales. Co-hosts jesse harley and Rhys Waters launched the podcast as a pandemic passion project in April 2020. Since then, the series has become a fan favorite that covers politics for people who hate political talk. “I hate politics – and it turns out a lot of other people do too,” Harley said. “As we approach 200 episodes, I think it’s become clear that our blend of cynicism and comedy really engages people and makes them feel like they’re just hanging out at a bar with friends. Although friends strange.


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