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….Audacity lost the marketing lead for its Cadence13 and Pineapple Street podcast studios. Brian Swarth left the company to join AMC Networks where he became senior vice president of subscriber engagement and product marketing. “He has a long history of working and being successful in this area with very established brands and we look forward to his contributions as he applies his talents and experience to our growing targeted streaming business,” said Miquel. Penella, president of Streaming Services. for AMC networks. Swarth previously spent more than a decade at Showtime and MTV in senior digital marketing and operations roles. He had been with Audacy since February 2021. No successor has been announced.

… In the crowded landscape of podcasts, CNN-Audio and HLN are celebrating the #1 spot on Apple Podcasts with their new series Very Scary People: The Amityville Murders. The show also topped the True Crime category. Released less than two weeks ago, the podcast takes listeners to Amityville and inside the twisted and enigmatic history of the DeFeo family, unpacking how a grisly mass murder became an iconic haunted tale. The series is hosted by Donnie Wahlberg. New episodes are released weekly on Fridays.

…The uStudio The platform, used to distribute internal enterprise podcasts, is now integrated with Microsoft 365. Users can now use Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, and Search to discover and access enterprise-targeted audio and video podcast content on the uStudio platform. For businesses using Microsoft products, uStudio says the integration expands content discovery and engagement with relevant channels, shows and episodes. In a work-from-anywhere world, uStudio says listening or viewing formats continue to grow as the preferred means of communication over traditional written employee communications.

… The Hulu The series about a trio of true crime podcasters caught up in their own crime stories is slated for season two. The streamer released a teaser for Only murders in the building, which is set to kick off its new season on June 28. The show stars Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. In season one, the neighbors teamed up to solve the murder of their apartment building’s chairman of the board, launching the Only Murders in the Building podcast along the way. In the second season, the podcast trio becomes suspect in her death.


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